Electrical AssemblyTechnicians

Location: Houston, TX
Date Posted: 02-28-2018
•            Knowledge of NASA flight hardware handling, fabrication, assembly, repair and quality inspection processes preferred
•            NASA certifications, previously held NASA certifications, or a minimum of 5 years and proficiency in the following:
o            Surface Mount Soldering
o            Thru-Hole Soldering
o            Crimping, Interconnecting Cables, harnesses and Wiring
o            Conformal Coating and Staking
o            Electrostatic Discharge Control
o            Lithium Battery Handling
  • Foreign Object Debris Control
  • IPC
Personnel with current or previously held certifications from NASA’s JSC, JPL, or Goddard Centers would be preferred, but it is not a requirement
•            Printed circuit board assembly, modification and repair (including cleanliness verification, de-moisturizing, masking/de-masking and conformal coating)
•            Cable and harness fabrication, assembly, and repair
•            Electromechanical assembly fabrication, assembly and repair
•            Commercial off-the-shelf hardware modification and repair
Cable and harness fabrication work along with assembly efforts are going to be the bulk of the support needs.
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