Software Engineer simulation

Location: Houston, TX
Date Posted: 03-21-2018
The Software Developer will:
- Perform simulation installation, set up and maintenance.
- Perform simulation load tool installation and maintenance (haf, shoploader, flyzer, etc).
- Deploy flight software and workspaces to Jenkins by creation of PARTE workspaces.
- Install tooling into workspaces.
- Keep the simulation lab up to date with each simulator release and patch as they are delivered by the simulation
developer (releases every three months with one or two patches in between).
- Execute, maintain, and update a spacecraft simulator to be used for software integration testing for the Orion MPCV
- Perform other duties as assigned.
Qualifications - External
Required Education/Experience/Skills:
- Typically has a BS degree in a computer or system science discipline from an accredited college or university.
- Strong proficiency and experience within the last year with Linux OS, C++, and scripting languages such as Python and
- Knowledgeable in source control systems such as Perforce, SubVersion and Git.
- Ability to maintain a wiki platform such as Mideawiki.
- Ability to successfully operate in a highly dynamic engineering environment with a large team of engineers working to
rapidly develop robotic functionality on a compressed schedule.
- Excellent communication skills and strong customer service attitude.
- Experience with: - Simulator operations
- Python scripting
Bash scripting
- Java
- Jenkins
- Experience with: - Simulator loading tools (haf, shoploader, flyzer, etc)
- Simics
- MPCV SOCRRATES simulator and OrionSim
- System administration
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