Senior Drupal Web Developer :

Location: Huntsville, AL
Date Posted: 07-24-2018
Candidate will be responsible for executing the architecture and project plan provided. Will be constructing website and will consist of creating content types, a theme, navigation elements, web forms, and web applications. Developed content types must closely mirror those in SharePoint, for automated population. As content is populated, it will need to be organized under navigation menus, assigned clean URL paths, and defined with redirects from the old URL structure (with as much automation as possible, based on the content and its metadata). 301, or permanent, redirects will help preserve search engine rankings. For the theme, most of the development work will involve creating components, assembling them into templates, and programmatically connecting them to content types and navigation elements in the theme logic such that each type of content is dynamically connected to the proper template in the proper context, and so the template has access to all the data needed to render the view.  Additional work will include implementing web forms and applications, such as the FOIA and CEII forms, and the Calendar of Events. Most unique functionality like this will be best handled with custom add-on modules.  The Senior Web Developer should have significant experience in Drupal as well as be proficient in other technologies to include: PHP, CSS/SASS, HTML5, JavaScript (including build tools Gulp and Grunt), AWS, and  Linux,
Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field and 4+ years of relevant work experience. Additional work experience can be substituted for degree requirements. Minimum of 5 years of IT work experience in web development. Minimum of 3 years of Drupal Experience. Experience integrating a Drupal based web platform with SharePoint.
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